Your dream website is ready and up in the cloud. But your following significant challenge is how to get traffic on your site. With more traffic, more will be the probable leads, better sales conversion opportunity, and you do a good business. But unless your business objectives are met, your website and investment go for a toss. The only option before you now is to get your website loved by Google and other search engines as they play a significant role in sending traffic to your site. But how? Read further to discover the magic of SEO.

The Golden Word is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

You can do several things to get your site a hot favourite for Google ( Because Google matters as it has the 70% of the search market share ) and the top result on the Google page has a 33% chance of getting clicked. And the specific fundamental SEO techniques are discussed below (online SEO) as SEO is a primary function in digital marketing and evolving further every day.

SEO Techniques ( On Page)

“Content is the King “ – Keep your Content High Quality

Suppose you plan your content based on research ( audience intent, keywords, subjects driven by solution), recent and relevant( newsworthy). In that case, the online audience keeps visiting your site, spend some time and bookmark it. Then Google loves your site and makes it appear in the top page ranking because your content is catering to the audience.

On page Image Optimization

Images and info graphics make your website attractive and exciting, but they can slow down the site if you have not optimized them yet as per the rule book. 40% of Online visitors abandon a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, and 80% of the visitors never return to the slow sites.
So Compress and name every image before uploading them. Strategically, you may use the
researched keywords ( not overuse) in the description or in the picture's title.

Make Your Content Easy to Read

“Text wall style” type of content in a page is simply dull and discourage the online readers, and as a result, SEO efforts get a setback. Break up the content by applying header tags to help improve the reader's experience on your website. Headers at relevant places make everything look more appealing and enhance the readability factor.

Blogging – A Great SEO Tool

A blog is a web page where the content is presented in reverse chronological order, and newer content appears first.

Blogs are run by an individual or a group to present information in a conversational style.
However, on the other hand, corporate blogs produce a lot of informational and thought-
leadership style content.

A good blog always keeps readers engaged, stay updated and relevant. It gives a specific solution to what an online reader looks for. Thus elements like links, increased readability, and keywords can also be incorporated into these blog posts.

Blogs can establish a large group of faithful readers, and you can get lots of traffic to visit your site every day. All of them together positively impacts your search engine ranking. Anything that pleases the reader pleases Google too.    

Outbound Links and Internal Page links

Being a website owner, you must make all the efforts to support your claims (featuring on the web page) by connecting them to the data and reference of trustworthy and authoritative websites with recent updates on the subject. It benefits the readers, and Google loves it as it adds value to the reader's query.

You must have an internal linking of your web sites other pages to add value for SEO ranking. Internal links not only connect your content and give Google an idea about the structure of your site. They can establish a structural hierarchy of your site, allowing you to provide the most important pages and posts with more links value than other pages. It is another good strategy that can boost your SEO


These are just a few of the fundamental SEO tips ( tips of the iceberg). There are so much more to it , as I have informed at the beginning of the post that SEO is a considerable function in online marketing, and you can write a book on SEO techniques.

I hope you've found these SEO tips helpful. If you follow the tips meticulously, you'll be on your way to higher rankings and more traffic.

Please place your comment below if you like to know more about on-page and Off-page SEO techniques, and we will publish more articles introducing more SEO techniques.