Website Security

Website security is an application or action taken to ensure the safety of the data so that it secure and cannot be stolen or exposed to cybercriminals or hackers to exploit the website in any way. Cyber attacks can cause loss or theft of information, disturbance to business operations, revenue loss, and destruction of property, plant, and equipment. Once these attackers break into your website identifying the potentially secure or private/confidential information, systems that may have been affected, viruses, worms, or Trojans, followed by malware becomes very difficult.

Cyberattack is a big crime it can ruin your website, steal your data and other important information, your traffic that has taken a long time to build it can be stolen and you can lose your customers and revenue. It can happen any time and you will not be able to restore your website ever again.

Malware is software created for a mischievous purpose that can slow or crash your website, steals the information e.g. if you go to a shopping website like our Flipkart, Amazon, or myntra and add your card information malware will capture the details and all your money can be stolen from your account. It can also remove your website from the search engine bar. The attackers can replace your website content with malicious content that can spoil your reputation in the market

Therefore it is very important to protect your website and the can be done.

Hosting providers not only protect your website but also the server on which your website is based.

It is cheaper than a cyber attack as it saves your data as well as your credit/debit card information and also your phone number which makes the hacker steal your email and password that is linked to your bank account.

It is important to secure your website as malware and cyber attacks enter a site and are hidden therefore you might not realize it and your website may be infected.

A website scanner

As cyber-attacks take a long time to be found and also costs a lot of money a website scanner scans your website for malware and other malicious content that could cause damage to your website or computer hardware.

Do I need to protect my website even if I don’t sell anything on it?

Your website needs protection even if you don't run an eCommerce as hackers or cybercriminals are also interested in other assets, data other than payment information and social security numbers like email addresses, your websites traffic, your keywords ranking, and defacement which is done to push a political or religious agenda.

Website security is also important to take care of some special type of malware like spammy links appearing on the sites, new pages or file created without your consent, or the URLs on your site redirecting to another malicious website

Therefore securing network and host platform infrastructure is a must as it serves as the lock on your door or the password on your word press admin panel. Website security takes care of the cybercriminals who make specific pages or even an entire website inaccessible.